Seeking Volunteers!

Vivo Family Medicine is seeking volunteers to help at a medical clinic with a heavy emphasis on patient care and satisfaction. The overarching purpose of Vivo Family Medicine is to provide the best primary care with the aim of continually improving the patient experience. 

Excellent patient care comes from excellent clinic staff, and so we aim to recruit volunteers with exceptional customer service skills, excellent writing capabilities, and proficiency with computers and technology. As we hope to mentor the next generation of health care professionals, we hope to recruit volunteers with an interest in medicine, nursing and/or health. 

The overarching task of the volunteer(s) is to support Vivo Family Medicine doctors in clinic operations and assist in the delivery of care to all patients in the Kingston/ Victoria Park area and beyond.

Volunteers will gain the following skills in a healthcare setting: 

  • Client service - Communicate efficiently and professionally with patients. 
  • Teamwork - Coordinate tasks, share resources, plan, make decisions, negotiate, solve conflicts 
  • Communication
  • Leadership 

Please email with your resume if interested.