Vivo Family Medicine Turns One

Dear Patients,

First and foremost, we would like to express gratitude⁠ to our patients for trusting us to meet your family medicine needs.  We are so lucky to be able to do so in such a supportive and beautiful neighbourhood. Vivo Family Medicine officially celebrated its one year anniversary as of August 31st, 2019. We would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year and the exciting progress we have made since our inauguration. Vivo Family Medicine welcomed a variety of new services and team members to support our mission of delivering the best primary care service to you, our patients. 

We now have nurses onsite every day! Catherine and Alyssa have been excellent additions to our team. The services they provide include triaging history, vitals and body measurements, ear syringing, liquid nitrogen, wound dressing, immunizations/B12 injections, to name a few.

Our onsite bloodwork (also performed by our fantastic nurses) is a new, convenient service that we are delighted to have introduced this past year. Once Dr. Kadhim provides patients with a lab requisition, those over the age of 18 are free to book an appointment and have their blood drawn at our clinic.

Sharing our space, the Upper Beaches Guardian Pharmacy successfully opened its own location in the neighbourhood. Their pharmacist, Dr. Jonathan Soo, is onsite daily and has worked diligently to support our patients’ pharmacological needs. 

As you may have noticed during your most recent appointments, we also recruited two summer students, Mackenzie and Alyssa A, for the months of July and August. These students performed tasks to support clinical efficiency and to assist in the development of resources for use by our very own Dr. Kadhim. 

By spring of 2019, Dr. Kadhim’s had already reached a full roster of patients. We are so happy to welcome Dr. Durgaa Rajendran (a family doctor trained at the Sunnybrook Site of the University of Toronto) who began accepting patients last week.

The team of Vivo Family Medicine would like to thank you once again.

We look forward to another year of supporting your health and medical needs!


Dr. Kadhim-Saleh, Mary, Maya, Catherine, Alyssa, and Dr. Soo.