Clinic Before and After!

Our doctor's office has undergone quite a few changes since we last wrote in the blog! 

Doctor's office before and after

The space began as an empty concrete space and now has 6 exam rooms for all your family doctor and walk-in clinic needs, as well as a pharmacy!  We are thrilled with the results. 

new doctor office toronto

When we were in the planning phase of our clinic, we knew we wanted the space to feel calm and inviting.  We loved the design of Nordic and Scandinavian spas, and we wanted to mimic that (even if only a little bit)- in our clinic.  We know that a visit to the doctor's office is a far cry from a visit to the spa, but we wanted to take patients away from the sometimes cold and sterile feeling of being in a medical facility.  

We hope you appreciate the design as much as we do!