Automated appointment reminders are now here!

Vivo Family Medicine now offers automated appointment reminders so you don't forget your appointment!  

appointment reminder

You will receive up to three appointment reminders from us:

1) An SMS (text) message that says (for example): 'Good day John, this message is a reminder for your appointment on December 4th 2018, with Dr. Kadhim-Saleh, at Vivo Family Medicine. Thank you. Press '1' to confirm and '2' to cancel. This will be sent 5 days before your appointment.

2) An email message 3 days before your appointment.

3) An automated voice message 2 days before your appointment. 

When you confirm your appointment with us, this ensures that your appointment is held just for you and we don't double-book your time slot! 

Please note that currently our appointment reminders come from a 514 area code (Montreal).  Do not be alarmed!  The company that sends our appointment reminders is based in Montreal, and is fully integrated and approved by our Electronic Medical Record System.   

**Update December 14 2018** We have now updated our system so that your appointment reminders will come from our phone number (647-345-8486)!  All SMS and voice messages will come from this number. 

We are excited to introduce this feature to our patients!