A Brand New Medical Clinic for Toronto's Upper Beaches

We are pleased to be opening our clinic at 952 Kingston Road (Suite 102) in September of 2018! We could not be more thrilled. 

When we first let our neighbours know that we would be opening a clinic, the response was overwhelming. ‘People really need a family doctor here!’ ‘Nobody nearby has been accepting patients for ages!’ ‘We have to travel really far to get to a walk in clinic!’ were some of the most common reactions.  We are looking forward to serving a neighbourhood that has so patiently waited for a new family doctor.  It is truly a privilege to fill such an important gap in the community. Our neighbours have been very warm and welcoming and we already feel right at home!

We are currently under construction with one of the best builders in the business, Antham Construction Group. Our clinic will be a brand new facility with a pharmacy on premises.  Our clinic is inspired by Scandinavian/ Nordic design with simple silhouettes, clean lines and an emphasis on natural materials.   When we first thought about building a clinic, we knew we wanted it to be different somehow.  In our experience, doctors offices have always tended to feel cold, sterile, and for lack of a better word—“clinical.”  Clinics are not generally a place where people are happy to be.

Here at Vivo Family Medicine, we believe that the environment affects how patients receive care, how doctors provide care, and how patients ultimately feel.  That’s why we have worked closely with a designer to build a clinic that is aesthetically pleasing, patient-centric and functional for both patients and doctors!   We think that patients deserve the best clinic environment possible. 

Vivo Family Medicine is truly looking forward to serving patients in the Upper Beaches!  If you are looking for a family doctor, please sign up on our pre-registration patient waitlist here.  We look forward to meeting you!