Meet Our New Nurse, Alyssa!


We are delighted to welcome the newest member of our team, Alyssa! Alyssa is a Registered Practical Nurse with diverse experience in the medical industry, having worked in a variety of settings including Neurology, Cardiovascular Post-Op, and even Medical Aesthetics. We sat down with Alyssa to ask her a few questions and to get to know her better. Here’s what she had to say!

1. How did you become an RPN?

 “I graduated from Durham College Applied Arts & Technology in 2009. I have worked in Palliative Care, Neurology, Cardiovascular Post-Op and as a Medical Interviewer for insurance companies. Afterward I obtained certification as a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner for Nurses and worked mainly in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

 2. What do you enjoy about your job?

 “I absolutely love our fantastic team of dedicated professionals!  Every day is truly a pleasure working with Dr. Kadhim, Maya, Jonathan, Catherine and Mary. They are energetic, encouraging and the positivity they bring is palpable. Dr. Kadhim’s attention to detail and approach towards all our patients is exceptional and his staff follows this mantra. Patients tell me all the time how much they love coming to the clinic and I am so proud to be a part of this team!”

3. What excites you about working in Toronto, in particular, the Upper Beaches neighbourhood?

 “The Upper Beaches is a beautiful neighbourhood. With an abundance of playgrounds, it’s very family oriented. No matter what time of day you will hear the sound of children’s laughter and see dogs going for walks. The residents are lovely, the shops are great and the food is delicious!”

4. What is one thing you would like to share with your patients?

 “I would like our patients to know that I approach each and every situation without judgment or bias. We are here to help! I hope all of our patients leave the clinic feeling that they were cared for with compassion, attentive listening, knowledge and most of all, respect.”

We are so excited to have Alyssa joining our team! Alyssa is trained to administer immunizations, perform pelvic exams, perform ear syringing, and withdraw blood samples—these are only a few of the many services in her repertoire, acquired throughout her years of experience.

Welcome Alyssa!