Introduction to Cosmetics and Q&A with Dr. Kadhim-Saleh

Cosmetic Procedures Are Now Offered at Vivo Family Medicine!

Vivo Family Medicine is delighted to be unveiling a new array of cosmetic services—namely, Botox and injectable fillers. In light of this exciting time, we sat down with Dr. Kadhim-Saleh to ask him some questions about these new services and what patients should be expecting when they come in for a cosmetic appointment!

 botox filler physician

Q: Why did you decide to expand into cosmetic medicine?

A: As a doctor administering these procedures, expanding into cosmetics offers a new challenge. Successful execution requires a combination of anatomical knowledge, skill/technique, and art.  After all, these procedures aren’t purely mechanical. We are currently in a good position in time to introduce cosmetic services. Cosmetic procedures and materials have evolved with time and have been developed with the utmost safety in mind. With the demand and appeal of these procedures, we can now offer patients a reliable, safe, and effective cosmetic solution to beautify and rejuvenate. 

Q: How were you trained and/or certified to conduct these cosmetic procedures?

A: I was trained with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM). I have been trained in the theory and practical aspects of these procedures: how to perform them, reasons patients should or should not have them done, anatomy, and practice on live models/patients. This training is on top of my previous medical background as a family physician where I am regularly required to administer injections.

Q: What do you enjoy most about performing cosmetic procedures?

A: I most enjoy figuring out how to tailor the procedures to every individual patient’s needs. There are multiple aspects of every procedure to keep in mind—how many units will be needed, the precision required, and specifics pertaining to each patient, to name a few. While the procedures themselves are simple, the challenge is in performing and combining them (if desired) to achieve the results our patients are looking for.

Q: What do you think will be the most fulfilling aspect of your new cosmetic procedures?

A: We normally see patients because of illnesses or other medical needs. With cosmetic procedures there is a different focus; our patients are both happy and excited to be at the clinic. We are just as excited to provide these services to our patients to help them feel their very best. While the effects of Botox require roughly two weeks to be optimized, the effects of fillers can be seen immediately. I am personally looking forward to showing people the difference made by our procedures and being able to see their reaction.

Q: Does this mean you’re not going to be a family doctor anymore?!

A: No, no! I will continue to provide family medicine services. We are not scaling back on anything in terms of our usual family medicine services. Rather, we are simply adding and expanding into the scope of cosmetics. 

Q: Will these services only be available to currently registered patients?

A: These cosmetic services will be open to both registered and unregistered patients, especially to residents in the Upper Beaches neighbourhood. We hope our patients will enjoy the convenience of these services.

Q: If someone is interested, how can they go about booking an appointment?

A: Patients can book appointments over the phone by speaking with our receptionist and requesting a consultation for Botox and/or fillers. The first appointment will be a standard consultation to go over the procedure and expectations. Together with the patient, we will discuss and decide on the best treatment moving forward.

Q: How would you describe the Botox and/or Filler procedures themselves?

A: Preparation is key when administering both Botox and fillers. In both cases, I will draw out a diagram of where we will be administering the procedure and the dosage being used.

For Botox, we use the tiniest needle available. The procedure itself lasts only a few minutes and it’s typically done with minimal discomfort. Fillers are made premixed with an anesthetic. Both of these procedures do not typically require topical anesthetic. However, for lip injections, topical anesthetic is recommended. Dr. Kadhim will apply a topical anesthetic half an hour in advance to make the experience as comfortable for the patient as possible. During the appointment, we take pictures for both a “before” and “after” to see the immediate changes produced by the procedure. While patients may experience some swelling, this is typically minimal and temporary, resolving within a few days. 

Q: Who will perform the cosmetic procedures?

A: All cosmetic procedures will be performed directly by myself.  We believe that these procedures require the utmost care and knowledge.

Q: What if a patient doesn’t see any significant or expected results?

A: All patients will be booked at the clinic two weeks after the procedure for a follow-up. It is both an opportunity to check-in and also determine if further action is required. If a Botox procedure helped smoothen some wrinkles but did not completely clear them, I may discuss administering further units of Botox. If the fillers produced the desired changes to a patient’s lips and/or cheeks but the patient would like more, again, we can discuss further application. In general, I prefer to take a conservative approach. It’s always easier to add more units as opposed to taking away from “too much”. With Botox, patients must wait for 3 to 4 months for the effects to wear off and while there is a means of breaking down filler, it isn’t always ideal. We hope that donning this conservative approach will keep the experience as comfortable for the patient as possible.

At Vivo Family Medicine, our team believes that a part of living a healthy life is both feeling and looking your best. Once again, we are delighted to announce that both Botox and cosmetic fillers are now offered at Vivo Family Medicine. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to supporting your aesthetic/cosmetic needs!