Cosmetic Medicine Using Fillers

Dermal fillers (also known as fillers) are now being offered at the clinic! The team at Vivo Family Medicine strongly believes that a part of a healthy lifestyle is feeling and looking your best. All cosmetic procedures will be performed directly by Dr. Kadhim-Saleh.

filler aging

lip enlargement

Amazing! Am I an eligible candidate for fillers? We offer fillers to adults over 18 years old. To ensure that you are eligible for fillers, a consultation with Dr. Kadhim-Saleh will be scheduled prior to the procedure.

Please note, we do not recommend fillers for patients with any of the following:

  • Recent facial peelings or laser treatments. 
  • Infection at or near the treatment site.
  • Known hypersensitivity to lidocaine, local anesthetic agents, or hyaluronic acid 
  • Patients with autoimmune diseases.
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.

What are fillers? Fillers are substances that are designed to be injected beneath the surface of the skin to add volume to the area. By doing so, it treats early signs of aging and enhances the skin.

Why should I get fillers? Fillers are always optional, but filler procedures can help you look younger and feel more confident. They can be used to fill in and soften wrinkles, provide plumpness to thinning lips, add volume to shallow areas on the face and soften recessing scars. Some patients may choose to undergo filler procedures for a special event (e.g. wedding), while others may choose fillers to help them feel great every day. 

What areas can be treated using fillers? Fillers can be injected into a number of areas, such as:

  • Cheek augmentation: Contouring to provide an attractive curving feature
  • Lip augmentation: Adding volume as well as enhancing the outline of the lips
  • Chin augmentation: Lifting the chin to provide contour harmonization
  • Skin boosting: Rejuvenating the skin to provide a youthful appearance

What is the procedure like? Here at Vivo Family Medicine, we provide a consultation prior to the procedure to ensure that dermal fillers are right for you.  This consultation provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and bring up any concerns. Once the consultation is complete, a date for the procedure will be scheduled. During the day of the procedure,  Dr. Kadhim-Saleh will mark the appropriate injection sites for the filler. These sites will then be cleansed with an antibacterial agent. Local anesthesia is recommended for lip fillers and Dr. Kadhim-Saleh will have this applied approximately 30 minutes prior to the procedure to numb the area. Most of the appointment will be dedicated to preparation and planning. The actual procedure of injecting the filler only takes a few moments. Once the procedure is completed, the markings will be removed and an ice pack will be given to relieve potential swelling. Although it is normal to feel tenderness in the areas of treatment, medication is usually not needed after the procedure. Effects of the filler are typically seen right after injection (which is very exciting!) A follow-up appointment will be booked two weeks after the procedure to ensure excellent results.

Will I experience any discomfort? Your comfort is our priority!  Most patients report that the injection of filler feels like nothing more than a pinch.   Dr. Kadhim-Saleh will take all the necessary steps to ensure that there is no discomfort. Tenderness after the procedure is completely normal but medication is typically not needed. Any bruising, swelling and pain will usually resolve within a few days.

How long will it take me to see my results? The length of time it takes to see the results of the procedure varies from person to person since each person’s facial structure is different. Typically patients see a difference right away for fillers, however, it may take up to 2 weeks for the full effect to be revealed. 

How should I care for myself after the procedure? Once the procedure is completed by Dr. Kadhim, specific instructions will be provided for post-procedure care. Some recommendations include: no strenuous exercise for 24 hours, no significant movement or massaging of the treated area, no make-up for 4-6 hours to prevent infection, no extensive sun/heat for 72 hours, and no consumption of excess amounts of alcohol/ salts for 48 hours to avoid swelling.   

How long will they last? A dermal filler is expected to last from 6-18 months however, the length of time varies from person to person.

Are fillers safe? Do they have any side effects? As with any medical procedure, there are potential side effects that may occur. We counsel patients that there is a risk of infection. However, Dr. Kadhim-Saleh uses a sterile technique and is extremely diligent about cleaning the area multiple times to minimize this risk. There is also a risk of swelling. Dr. Kadhim-Saleh provides a list of recommendations on minimizing this risk, both before and after the procedure. If this occurs, it is typically mild and resolves within a few days. There is a risk of bleeding; again, this is minimized by a number of measures and is easily treated with applying pressure to the site. There is a risk that the procedure does not achieve the desired results. For this reason, Dr. Kadhim-Saleh will always schedule a follow-up appointment after the procedure for a chance to ensure satisfaction update the treatment if needed. He uses a conservative approach to dosing which accounts for correction if needed. 

We are happy to add fillers to the services provided here at Vivo Family Medicine. If you have further questions, we welcome you to book a free consultation with Dr. Kadhim-Saleh.  Aesthetic medicine should be done by someone you trust! Dr. Kadhim-Saleh is pleased to provide this service to all of his rostered patients as well as new patients to the clinic.