Bloodwork is now being offered at the clinic!

Vivo Family Medicine now offers bloodwork!   Bloodwork will be completed by our very own nurses, Brittany and Catherine.  We are very happy to be able to offer this new convenient service to our patients.

Great! When can I come in for bloodwork? Bloodwork is done by appointment only.  As we are a busy clinic and we’d like to keep our wait times to a minimum, booking an appointment to get your blood drawn is a crucial part of this process.  After Dr. Kadhim provides a lab requisition (paperwork) for you to get your blood drawn, see Maya at the front desk to see when you can come in to get your blood drawn.  Maya will then book an appointment for you.

What can I do to prepare for my blood to be drawn? We recommend that you hydrate (there is water in our waiting room for this) prior to your appointment to make it easier for the nurse to locate your veins and remove blood.    Some blood tests will require that you avoid all food and beverages (except water) 8-10 hours before your blood is drawn (confirm with Dr. Kadhim if this is the case).  Continue to drink plenty of water and take your medications as usual. Come prepared with a healthy snack to eat following your blood test.

What can I expect during the blood draw? Nobody likes to have their blood drawn!  However, the procedure is usually brief and uneventful.  Our nurse will locate the best vein on your arm, then she will clean the area with an alcohol pad, tie a tourniquet around your upper arm to increase blood flow, ask you to make a fist, and insert the needle.  Our nurses are skilled at drawing blood from a variety of patients.

What can I expect after the blood draw?  Once Brittany or Catherine has completed the blood draw, they will remove the needle, apply a cotton ball, and apply pressure to the puncture site.  Applying pressure minimizes the likelihood of bruising.  Everybody is different—some people may bruise more often than others.  Bruising should go away within a few days.

When can I get my results? As part of Vivo Family Medicine policy, we always discuss your results with you, no matter the result of the test.  Once the lab processes the samples and sends us the results, Maya will contact you to let you know when you can discuss the results with your doctor. 

What if I want to get my bloodwork done elsewhere?  We are more than happy for our patients to seek the bloodwork location that is most convenient for them.  There are various locations of labs located within the city. 

There you have it!  Bloodwork is now being offered at your family medicine clinic.  Please note that we will only draw blood from adult patients aged 18 years and older.   We recommend that children attend a lab location outside of our clinic to conduct their blood tests.